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Flipit 2.06

Flipit 2.06

Flipit Publisher's Description

Flipit for the PocketPC.

Flipit is a compact shareware multi-game compendium for any "Pocket PC" handheld computer, packed with many game variants and features. The free version of the program has 7 game variants enabled - "Reversi" (or "Othello"), "OctOthello", "Connex", "Gomoku", "Contax", "Tic-Tac-Toe" and "DontConnect4". A further 12 game variants (+ "Game designer" mode where you can enter rules and design your own games!) are available to registered customers. All this in a program that only takes 70K of your valuable PocketPC RAM memory!

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Flipit features

  • Really nice graphics and animation.
  • No obligation to buy or register - just use the 7 free games as long as you like!
  • Very easy to use.
  • Uses sophisticated intelligent search - just select level from "Easy" to "X seconds per move"
  • Intuitive tape control buttons step backward or forward through game
  • Save and reload/replay interesting games at a later date.
  • Play against the computer (default), another human, or even watch Flipit play against itself.
  • If stuck, ask computer for a hint
  • "Setup" mode allows you to enter any position and freely edit the pieces on the board.
  • Loads more, try it for free!


Why register Flipit?

If you register Flipit you get all this:

  • Free updates for registered users.
  • No "nag" dialog box to ask you to register
  • All 19 games, still in an amazing 70K of RAM!!
  • Play levels above 2 seconds per move
  • "Game designer" option - Select game-rules, enter board size and shape, etc.. Invent your own games! There are thousands of possible variants to explore.
  • A healthy warm feeling inside, having supported good free software!

Flipit costs only $9 (US), 9 Euro, or £6 (UK) to register. Once you have registered you will be sent a code that unlocks all the games in the demo.

For more details visit our WWW pages :

Note - Flipit is an update to our existing "Connex" PocketPC game, and has all the features and game variants that Connex has. Connex will continue to be available as a smaller version of the product.

Flipit is a member of our series of what we call the "Small is Beautiful" program range! Flipit packs no less than 19 Reversi/Connect 4/Gomoku type game variants into a self contained 60K executable. (I say 70K allowing for an optional 8K help file). The current setup is 129K with installation for all PocketPCs with ARM, MIPS +SH3. It has a full range of features - nice graphics/animation, a proper intelligent alpha-beta search, and loads of functionality - probably more than most of the fat old Visual basic type games you see that are many times the size. Its a sort of "RISC" philosophy applied to coding - the idea is the smaller code is, the faster and more responsive it is.. So when I coded Flipit I always paid attention to the size issue - I would the PocketPC API directly, choose the graphics carefully, weight up the benefit of any added feature against its impact on final size, and so on.. It does not mean that a small program represents less work, (or even lines of code) than a large one - just that more attention is paid to the issue of size when coding it.

So does it matter on a trivial game like this? Well yes - most people who might have this little applet will appeciate still having more memory for the serious things they do on their palmhelds - more RAM means more speed for other applications.

For Palm-held computers, small really is beautiful!

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